da vinci digital

27.3. a 9.8.2020

Leonardo Da Vinci is a myth: like no other of his contemporaries, the universal genius combined art with nature in his work. As an exceptional painter, he created the Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world.
As an enthusiastic scientist, he studied human anatomy and outlined it ideal people, And as a visionary engineer, he designed sketches for aircraft that were way ahead of his time.

The multimedia exhibition brings the pioneer of the Renaissance into the digital age: With the help of films, projections and holograms, his masterpieces and machines are brought to life. Light effects, images, sounds and colors combine to create an overwhelming audiovisual experience. The boundaries between art and reality blur and the visitor plunges into »Leonardo's world«.


Underground: Aegidientorplatz
Bus: Rathaus / Bleichenstraße lines 100 and 200
Rathaus / Friedrichswall line 120
Parking in the surrounding streets

opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10 - 18 clock
closed on Mondays

Ticket prices

10 € | reduced 8 € | Families 20 €
including collections

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