The WeltenMuseum presents special exhibitions of national importance every year. Guided tours and lectures, events and a varied museum education program offer numerous opportunities to explore individual topics. Here you will find a list of our current special exhibitions.

time turn 1400

the golden board as european masterpiece

27.9.2019 23.2.2020 to

Under the joint title »Zeitwende 1400«, the Landesmuseum Hannover and the Dommuseum Hildesheim are showing two large-scale special exhibitions in close cooperation. From different perspectives and at each location, a central epoch of European art and cultural history is taken into consideration. On the one hand, the completion of the restoration of the Lüneburger Goldene Tafel in the Landesmuseum Hannover is honored and, on the other hand, the hitherto neglected cultural flowering of the episcopal city of Hildesheim around 1400 has come to the fore.

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leonardo world

da vinci digital

27.3. a 9.8.2020

Leonardo Da Vinci is a myth: like no other of his contemporaries, the universal genius combined art with nature in his work. As an exceptional painter, he created the Mona Lisa, the most famous painting in the world. As an enthusiastic natural scientist, he studied human anatomy and outlined the ideal human being. And as a visionary engineer, he designed sketches for aircraft that were way ahead of his time.

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the world duck museum

13.6.2020 11.4.2021 to

Since the beginning of time, we have shared the earth with a charming clan of ducks, the »interDucks«. But while mankind made history, the ducks remained undetected for a long time. But that's now the end: »DUCKOMENTA« presents the history of the world exclusively from a duck perspective. Fossils, alien artifacts, paintings or sculptures from all eras and parts of the world prove that the ducks were more than once a beak ahead of humans.

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cinema saurier

between fantasy and research

25.9.2020 14.2.2021 to

Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years - and yet ubiquitous in today's popular culture. Since the beginning of moving images, cinema and television have kept the primeval monsters resurrected. The stars from Jurassic Park, King Kong or the Feuerstein family have therefore strongly shaped our ideas of dinosaurs. But how did these pictures actually come about? Do you reflect the current state of research? And how have they changed over time?

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