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three new masterpieces

A generous gesture: Starting today, three new paintings by a private collector from Hanover decorate the KunstWelten of the Landemuseum Hanover as a permanent loan and complement the high-caliber collection of Dutch painting.


Who are the Niedersachsen? Descendants of the "old Saxons" who fought against Charlemagne over 1000 years ago? Her name still gives identity - but who were these Saxons? A Germanic tribe who took possession of the country during the Roman emperors and conquered England?

year preview 2019

Around 120.000 people visited the Landesmuseum Hannover in the year 2018. This enabled the WeltenMuseum am Maschpark to increase its visitor numbers again and looks back on a successful museum year. 2019 will also be an exciting year for the WeltenMuseum: in addition to numerous events, visitors can look forward to two large special exhibitions and the more than 100-year-old museum building on a new roof.

new homepage

Completion of the redesign

Since 2015, the new corporate design of the Landesmuseum Hannover has been implemented. What started with flyers, promotional items and catalogs now ends with the new homepage.

max slevogt

A retrospective on 150. birthday

The Landesmuseum Hannover owns the world's most important collection of the »Triumvirate of German Impressionism«: Max Liebermann, Lovis Corinth and Max Slevogt. Slevogt was the youngest and most versatile artist in this trio, to whom the WeltenMuseum is dedicating a major exhibition for the first time.

Today, almost exclusively as an open-air painter popular, nature was not Slevogts only inspiration: In graphics and painting, he also often thematized scenes from history, literature and music, which sprang from his imagination alone. On the occasion of the anniversary, the Landesmuseum Hannover presents 150 impressive works, representative of each year. Top-quality loans from national and international museums complement outstanding paintings, drawings and prints from their own collection. The elaborate retrospective draws a complete picture of one of the most important German artists of its time.

glossy 2018

"Nature as Art", "Magnificent Wilderness" and "Moments in Nature" are only three of ten categories that present the 87 winning pictures of the International Nature Photo Contest "Highlights of Nature Photography 2018". The Landesmuseum Hannover shows the winning photos. Among them are spectacular landscape and animal photos.

delicate heritage in Lower Saxony?

After several years of preliminary work, the time has come: thanks
The VolkswagenStiftung can now support the
of non-European collections in Lower Saxony

treasure guardian

The Lower Saxon monasteries preserve a worldwide unique treasure. For 200 years, the Klosterkammer Hannover has been helping them maintain this valuable legacy and secure it for the future. The jubilee show in the Landesmuseum Hannover shows precious works of art from the still alive places of spiritual life.

romantic looks

The German art of 19. For some time now, the century has seen a great boom - along with new discoveries on the art market, in museums and at universities. The exhibition tells the exciting story of drawing between romance and realism.

new partner in africa

It already maintains close ties with South Africa and Egypt. Now, for the first time, the WeltenMuseum is starting a partnership with a former German colony. The aim is a joint exhibition project to be shown both in Germany and in Tanzania.

deep sea

The deep sea is one of the most mysterious places on earth - still largely unexplored and thus the last big dark spot on our planet. This may be one of the reasons for the great fascination that the deep sea exerts on people. It attracts us with something words can not grasp - a distant world, in eternal darkness, inhospitable and yet full of life.

most expensive new advertising of the post-war period

With the monumental painting "Bacchanale" by Lovis Corinth, the Landesmuseum Hannover was able to acquire a major work from the Munich years of the German painter. At the same time, this closes a gap in one of the world's largest collections of works by this German Impressionist.

silberglanz ("silver glamor")

With the exhibition »Silberglanz. From the Art of Ages «, the Landesmuseum Hannover devotes itself to an art-historically seldom-lit but socially significant theme. Which ideas are associated with age, show works of art from over three millennia - from ancient Egypt to the present day.

glossy 2017

"Nature as Art", "Sleeping Animals" and "Moving Water" are only three of eleven categories that present the 87 winning pictures of the International Nature Photo Contest "Highlights of Nature Photography 2017". The Landesmuseum Hannover shows the winning photos. Among them are spectacular landscape and animal photos.

the wolf

Wolves are back home in Lower Saxony. Although they usually live in seclusion, their spread is followed with great attention. The exhibition aims to introduce visitors to the way of life of wolves and to clear up prejudices and stereotypes.

more and more colorful

The debate about refugees and asylum seekers is currently reaching a new peak. More than two million people have come to Germany since 2015. Immigration and its consequences are not a new phenomenon in Germany.

naked and bare

lovis corinth and the act around 1900

The act - hardly any other motif is so central to the work of Lovis Corinth. The artist shows the naked human body in many different variants: from the model study in the studio to the ironic view of ancient myths to sensual-intimate scenes.

delicate heritage

Colonial traces to the present

To this day, traces of colonial history can be found in many countries of the world. How are the consequences of colonization overcome? And how are the former colonial powers dealing with their delicate heritage?