a museum

three worlds

Not far from the Maschsee, the largest state museum in Lower Saxony invites you on a world tour: from seahorses to dinosaurs, gold treasures and moor mummies to paintings by Lukas Cranach, Peter Paul Rubens and Paula Modersohn-Becker, the five worlds can be found in the nature worlds, MenschenWelten and KunstWelten discover large collections of the Landesmuseum. The NaturWelten combine living animals with impressive specimens, the MenschenWelten tell the captivating history of humanity from evolution to archeology to ethnology and the art worlds show outstanding pieces of the collection of paintings and coins. Guided tours and events and an exciting museum education program make the visit to the museum a lasting experience.

natural worlds

dinos, nemo & co.

Piranhas, Puma, Plateosaurs - in the NaturWelten you will experience the unique combination of living animals and natural history exhibits. The journey through the natural history permanent exhibition starts in the blue expanse of the WasserWelten: 200 species inhabit the most diverse habitats such as the cool North Sea, the lively Amazon or the colorful South Seas. In the LandWorlds, the dream coasts of the Mediterranean, Canary Islands and the Caribbean, with numerous terrariums that house living inhabitants of the tropical jungle, complemented by explanations and objects on aspects of important research trips. In the unique bird aviary you will discover the stars of the skies and their ancestors, the dinosaurs. The exhibit also features large scale original plates with spectacular dinosaur track prints.

human worlds

past times and distant countries

From the evolution of man to the cultural development of Lower Saxony to the discovery of the world - in the human worlds archeology and ethnology show the captivating history of humanity. Numerous archaeological finds from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages prove the development of skill and skill of man. Highlights of the collection are the spectacular amber animal from Weitsche, the gold treasure from Gessel and the 1.800-year-old "Rote Franz". Visitors to 1500 travel from the Old to the New World: from the Spanish conquest of Peru to Captain Cook's travels to Indonesia and China, the ethnological exhibits testify to the human spirit of discovery and mobility.

art worlds

from cranach to dear man

The KunstWelten offer an impressive tour of European art history: receiving one of the most important medieval collections in Germany with unique altarpieces and sculptures, traveling to the Italian Baroque era and the heyday of Dutch painting. Passing by Caspar David Friedrich's unique cycle of the day, you will find works by Alfred Sisley and Auguste Rodin. The works of the Impressionist triumvirate Max Liebermann, Max Slevogt and Lovis Corinth are only available in such abundance in Hanover. In addition, the former royal coin collection gives an insight into the time when Hanover was part of the British Empire.

Note: The historic glass roofs of the 1902 built museum building are being renovated. The "new masters" therefore take a break. During the construction phase, reduced admission to the collections applies (not combinable with other discounts).

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