the golden chalkboard in context

research and restoration project

One of the most valuable possessions of the renowned medieval collection of the Landesmuseum Hannover is a major work of the International Gothic around 1400, the so-called Goldene Tafel, the former high altarpiece of the Benedictine monastery church of St. Michaelis zu Lüneburg. The Landesmuseum keeps the two wing pairs of this large altarpiece and the surviving parts of the treasury from the former shrine. The latter are a permanent loan from the Museum August Kestner.

In addition to the monumental single scenes with the erection of the brazen serpent and the crucifixion of Christ, the wings show a broad cycle of images depicting scenes from the lives of Jesus and Mary. Richly gilded saint sculptures in elaborate tracery architecture complete the work.

The exhibition "The turn of the century 1400. The Golden Table as a European masterpiece ", which can be seen from the 27.9.2019 to the 23.2.2020 at the Landesmuseum Hannover, presents the Goldene Tafel in the context of its time.

The exhibition was preceded by a large-scale, interdisciplinary research project. With generous support, the retable from 2012 to 2016 has been extensively studied by historians, art historians and art technologists. It analyzed its unique history, the style and especially the construction and material nature of the double-convertible altar.

The object was restored from 2016 to 2019. In meticulous detail, 6 restorers gradually removed layers of dirt and browned coatings, removed old retouching and carefully closed the defects. The Landesmuseum placed great value on transparency: In an open workshop visitors could follow the progress of the work and inform themselves on public tours of the work of the restorers. In addition, a sponsorship model was developed, which gave private sponsors the opportunity to participate in one of the most extensive restoration measures in the German museum landscape. After about three years, the restoration was completed and the golden panel shines in new splendor.

Project Management: Dr. Antje-Fee Köllermann, Curator Old Masters (

Workshop management: Dipl.-Rest. Eliza Reichel


Dr. Gabriele Schwartz

Dipl.-Rest. Sophia Röllig

Dipl.-Rest. Ewa Kruppa

Dipl.-Rest. Kerstin Binzer

Sponsor of the research project
Sponsor of the restoration project

The restoration also involved by means of a sponsorship model private sponsors with generous support.