the golden board as european masterpiece

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In the first few decades of the 15. In the 20th century, an outstanding work of art was created in the rich Hanseatic city of Lüneburg: carpenters, woodcarvers and painters of international renown worked on the »Golden Table«, the new altarpiece for the traditional Benedictine Abbey of Sankt Michaelis. They created a work that served the ceremonial staging of a church treasure that had grown over the centuries and is considered the most beautiful, which has been preserved from the time around 1400 in northern Germany.

At the same time it presents Dommuseum Hildesheim a second part of the exhibition, which shows the importance of Hildesheim as a European metropolis in the time around 1400.

The exhibition will be part of the Golden Table, once part of the Golden Table and unified in it, today distributed over several museums, for the first time since the dissolution of the ensemble in the 19. To bring together the century again. We want to ask about the reasons for the emergence of this outstanding work of art, trace its exceptional, early onset perception as an important historical monument of supraregional importance, and point out the outstanding artistic quality of the object in the context of both local and international art. With prominent loans from home and abroad, the exhibition will draw a rich panorama of the art around 1400 and let the golden panel shine after a comprehensive restoration in new splendor.


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