the world duck museum

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Since the beginning of time, we have shared the earth with a charming clan of ducks, the »interDucks«. But while mankind made history, the ducks remained undetected for a long time. But that's now the end: »DUCKOMENTA« presents the history of the world exclusively from a duck perspective. Fossils, alien artifacts, paintings or sculptures from all eras and parts of the world prove that the ducks were more than once a beak ahead of humans. DUCKOMENTA is a project of the Berlin artist group interDuck. With an ironic wink, their members have been creating deceptively real duck exhibits for over 30 years. World-famous highlights of human art and cultural history serve as inspiration. Over 300 of these pieces can be seen in the exhibition and invite young and old to view their own culture from a completely new perspective.


Underground: Aegidientorplatz
Bus: Rathaus / Bleichenstraße lines 100 and 200
Rathaus / Friedrichswall line 120
Parking in the surrounding streets

opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday 10 - 18 clock
closed on Mondays

Ticket prices

10 € | reduced 8 € | Families 20 €
including collections