treasure guardian

200 years klosterkammer hannover

20.4. a 12.8.2018

The Lower Saxon monasteries preserve a worldwide unique treasure. For 200 years, the monastery chamber has been helping them maintain this valuable legacy and secure it for the future.

precious treasures

The treasures of Lower Saxon women's monasteries include precious works of art that are used in worship or prayer, but also diverse testimonies of work and daily life. From the gilded abbess staff to the painted or printed devotional image to the oldest eyewear in the world, different objects make it possible to experience the lifeworld in the monastery. Many of them can be seen outside the monasteries for the first time.

pious women

Behind the objects stand the women in the monasteries: what kind of people are they who made a chalice, cooked medicine, wrote pious books or quarreled with the steward for wood deliveries? What distinguishes a Catholic nun of the year 1500 from a Protestant conventual today, and what connects them? Why go and go
dedicated women to the monastery? More than 170 objects take you on an exciting journey through the
Living in the monasteries.

Beware of the future

It is not self-evident that today we can look forward to the treasures of the monasteries. In many places, the monasteries were dissolved with the Reformation and confiscated their goods. In today's Lower Saxony many remained, gave the rules of the order and became Protestant. Some of them are still alive today and places active spiritual life. The monasteries are therefore places of life and activity of dedicated women. Since its founding 1818, the Klosterkammer Hannover has ensured that its monasteries remain lively places and that their treasures can still be admired in the distant future.